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Oriental Cuisine

Seafood in Taro Bird's Nest

Peking Duck with Chef-Made Steamed Bread
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The menu offers both classic Chinese fare and authentic Chinatown style cuisine with samplings of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Indonesian selections.

Lemongrass Chicken Salad
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)

Hong Kong Style Cha Slu (roast pork)
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)

The Fitz - assorted meats and seafood with cellophane noodles in a velvety chicken broth
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)

Asia Appetizers - Chicken Lettuce Cups, Indonesian Tempeh, Chicken Egg Rolls, Thai Chicken Satay
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)
A sampling of our Chef Recommendations
(subject to change, most are available for dine-in only)


Indonesian Tempeh
Vietnamese Summer Rolls
Chicken Lettuce Cups
Chef Alex’s Chinese Kim Chi


Japanese Eryngii Mushroom Stir-Fry
Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles
Filet of Grouper in Ginger Sauce
Sizzling Teriyaki Salmon
Cellophane Noodle Soup in Clay Pot


Japanese Dora Yaki
Honey Walnut Plantains
Chocolate Sesame Rounds

Five Spice Crispy Shrimp
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)

Fillet of Grouper in Ginger Sauce
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)

Braised Lion's Head (made with pork)
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)

Asia Desserts - Honey Walnut Plantains, Chef made Ice Creams, Chocolate Sesame Sticky Flour Rounds
(photo by Ron Upton Photography)
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